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GPS car placed in car of Buy Here Pay Here dealer
October 2011

According to Roger Bull of Jacksonville.com, a Jacksonville, Florida car dealer is being sued by the Florida Attorney General for placing a GPS unit in a car financed through the dealer's Buy Here Pay Here finance program in order to track the vehicle. The allegations also include repossessing vehicles that have been financed through his Buy Here Pay Here dealership for customers that were supposedly not behind on payments.

Our take is that dealers must follow the state regulations. The State of Florida allows placing of GPS units on vehicles that are financed through a licensed retail installment contract seller (i.e. a dealer or finance company that wants to offer vehicle financing) as long as any such GPS installation is properly disclosed to the buyer. The buyer must sign the disclosure acknowledging receipt of such disclosure.

The issue of compliance and abiding by state regulations is on the forefront of many dealer's minds these days. Integrated Dealer Solutions has noticed a very large increase in the number of dealers now turning to dealer management systems to ensure compliance with state regulations of filling out DMV forms. Gone are the days where a calculator and pen are sufficient to properly fill out a bill of sale, title application, certification of pollution, buyer's guide, odometer disclosure, and all the other required documents and disclosures required by the DMV. More so, buy here pay here dealers are realizing the enhanced value of dealer management programs because they have an all-in-one program for managing their paperwork, business reports, finance contracts, and collections. Dealers are also making more use of automated payment technologies available like online payments, online invoicing, recurring payments, and payments from "buy now" buttons on their websites through online payment services like Payment Helpdesk.

Integrated Dealer Solutions joins a Buy Here Pay Here dealer discussion
Buy Here Pay Here radio call
October 2011

Integrated Dealer Solutions executive Damien Rosen heard a radio discussion on the Rich Minaya show regarding a Jacksonville, Florida car dealer and decided to jump in on the discussion and share his viewpoints. The entire mp3 is interesting, but jump to 26:00 to get a brief intro to what the discussion is about and 27:30 to hear the part of the show where Damien is live on the air. The mp3 was made available to us through the WIOD.com website.