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Integrated Dealer Solutions offers a suite of software services to car dealerships to help you stay organized and sell more cars. You'll enjoy knowing that we are the direct developers and providers of each service. We require NO lengthy contracts and we have NO hidden fees.

Electronic Lien and Title - ELT

California ELT, Florida ELT and Southern ELT (for Georgia) are the most straight-forward ELT systems available in the market for lienholders in California, Florida and Georgia. We service each of these states under one roof - USA ELT. The California, Florida and Georgia electronic lien and title systems allow lienholders to reduce the handling, storage and mailing costs associated with placing liens on vehicles by storing the lien and title information in electronic format. Beginning Spring 2014 lienholders in California are required to register for ELT service. Other states have and had different deadlines for compliance. This includes finance companies, banks, credit unions and in some cases, vehicle dealers, whose name appears as the lienholder to titles for vehicles, vessels and mobile homes. In California (according to CVC 4450.5), in Florida (according to Florida Statutes 319.27 and 328.15) and Georgia (according to Georgia ELT law HB865 Code Section 40-3-26). Click your state below to read more and register.

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Temporary Tags - ETR

The State of Florida requires independent and franchise dealers to print temp tags and do metal plate transfers online through a certified system like Florida ETR. Our Florida DHSMV certified service allows you to do just that. Register online and get an instant account in just 2 minutes. Start printing temp tags as early as today.

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Dealer Management System - DMS

Dealership owners should focus on running the dealership and not waste time filling out paperwork by hand. Dealers should also be able to gauge key metrics with on demand reporting. The Advanced Car Dealer Manager dealer software program is a dealer management system (DMS) designed to make selling a car mindless and managing your entire dealership easy. The system caters to Florida-based dealers, so if you're a Florida VI (vehicle independent) dealer, join the hundreds of other successful dealers using it. Run your business with confidence using Advanced Car Dealer Manager.


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Car Dealer Websites with Inventory Distribution

Dealer websites are crucial to the success of any dealership. Read about why having a dealer website is necessary for your dealership to help get internet exposure and gain instant credibility. In addition to being on your own site, with one mouse click, your inventory will be sent all over the internet to help spread the word about your dealership and vehicle inventory. Use this tool to help generate more leads and sell more cars.

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