Dealer Websites FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to hire a computer technician to maintain the dealer site?
  • No, our service includes hosting your website and periodic upgrades with new site features and site capabilities. We constantly work to improve the search engine credibility and ranking of your site, so you're one step ahead of your competition.
Is there a contract for the dealer website?
  • Absolutely not. The service is offerd on a month-to-month basis.
Will the price increase over time?
  • Once you signup for service we will not increase your monthly fee.
I don't have a URL/domain. How do I get one?
  • We buy you the domain name (i.e. abcmotors.com) of your choice on your behalf to make it easier to maintain. We'll work with you to choose the name that fits your company best. Keep in mind that although you may have incorporated your business name in your state and it's the only one in your state, someone else may already own the domain name. We'll work to find the closest match to your business name or the phrase that you'd like to represent your dealership on the internet.
When you buy my domain name do I own it or do you?
  • We buy the domain name for your dealer website on your behalf out of convenience. Due to the volume of dealers that we service it's easier for us to manage the domain settings from within our registrar account instead of instructing you how to do so. That being said, we buy the domain on your behalf so if you should want to use the domain for a purpose other than a dealer website with us, we will gladly release it to you. We reserve the right to charge a small fee for the service of transferring the domain depending on the length of time you've been an active customer. It's your domain - we manage it.
Lots of companies make websites. Why should I choose you for my dealer website?
  • We don’t just build attractive websites. There are plenty of companies that design attractive websites. Instead, we build websites that are packed with lead generation tools designed to support and enhance your lead generation and customer conversion efforts. This is what makes us unique. You'll get more leads which in turn helps you sell more cars. Add the inventory distribution tools that we include with your website and you'll see why we stand out.
  • Allow us to show you how easy it is to create a unique website marketing strategy that will get you the right results and convert more website visitors to paying customers.
Do I design my own website?
  • We ask you for a custom logo and talk with you about the details of your business. This allows us to customize the content and keywords for your dealership. You choose one of several colors and site styles that best fit your dealership. You have the ability to change the template choice at any time. We take care of hosting, server maintenance, site maintenance, system and feature enhancements.nts.
How do I change the design of my site?
  • We have several design options and settings to choose from. You may change the color, layout and content of your site from within your Dealer Jump account. It is very easy to make site adjustments.
Do I need an account with Autotrader and cars.com to publish my cars to those sites?
  • Most of the sites we distribute your inventory to do not require a special account. However, to send your cars to Autotrader and cars.com you'll need to have a paid dealer account. Once you've created your account(s) there, we'll enable your Dealer Jump account to link to those sites. Your inventory, pictures, vehicle information and details will be sent over to these sites. In the case of selling a car on eBay Motors, you'll also choose the auction details within Dealer Jump. Once your Dealer Jump account is linked and you've "published" your vehicles, the synchronization happens daily.
How often do you distribue my inventory to your partner sites?
  • Inventory is distributed to our partner sites one time per day typically in the very early hours of morning EST.
  • We'd like to do it more often, but our partners only process data one time per day. Sending your inventory more often than that wouldn't make an impact on how quickly our partners display your new inventory or updates.
When my cars are posted on craigslist are they in the By Owner or By Dealer section?
  • In accordance with craigslist guidelines and to maintain buyer confidence and trust, vehicles are posted within the For Sale > Cars & Trucks > By Dealer category.
  • When selling cars on craigslist honesty is the best policy.
Why should I use your inventory distribution service if i can post my inventory by myself on all these sites?
  • To publish your inventory on all the sites that we send your inventory to, you would have to publish each car individually on each website. For instance, if you were to have 10 cars and you wanted to put them on 20 sites, you'd have to take load each car on each site individually (along with uploading pictures, copying and pasting the vehicle description, and filling in your dealership information...making 200 separate postings. Think of the time savings of not having to manually enter each car on each site. The Dealer Jump service allows you to check one box, press one button, and voala your cars appear on dozens of sites.
What sites do you send my inventory to?
  • craigslist, facebook, The inventory publishing FAQs are being modified at this time.
Do you help with my SEO (search engine optimization)?
  • Yes we do. In fact, we help so much that you'll start getting web traffic within just a few hours of publishing your vehicles.
  • Car dealer search engine optimization is not a one-time event nor a one-time push from all employees to "get the word out." Rather it takes a consistent effort over time.
  • Here's what we do to help you with your car dealer website SEO:
    • We create a business Facebook page for you. The more "likes" and comments you have from your "friends" the more search engine credibility you will have.
    • We create a Google Places account for your business. This means that you can show up on Google Maps and Google Local search results. If you have customers that write reviews your search engine credibility increases.
    • We optimize all possible on-site SEO. Within your site there are industry standards that are used to ensure that your site is designed in a search engine friendly way. Doing so makes it easier for search engines to index your site within search results.
    • We submit a sitemap for your entire site to the major search engines and make it accessible so smaller search engines can also index your dealer website.
    • Plus more! We can't give away all our trade secrets, but we assure you of our continuous and diligent effort to make your website well known to bring you more visitors, get you more leads, and help you sell more vehicles.

If you have questions about the dealer website and inventory publishing service that were not addressed on this page, kindly write to us on the Contact Us page or call us at 1 (888) 675-7477.