Dealers License Pricing

The cost of becoming a licensed vehicle dealer depends on the state you are in. The typical process of getting licensed to be a car dealer includes the following:


  • Attend a class at a dealer training school to be taught the laws and regulations of the state
  • Submit application forms to the state with a background check, fingerprints, a check for application fees,
  • Obtain a surety bond, which guarantees fulfillment of an obligation by the licensed dealer to their customer or someone else (i.e. an automobile auction).  A surety company acts like a co-signer who will pay if you cannot or will not pay your obligations. However, unlike an insurance company which pays claims without recovering from you, the surety company will pay the claim and then came after you for repayment of the claim.

  • We can help you get your dealer's license. We have a vast network of car dealer schools, car dealer seminars, car dealer training, and car dealer pre-licensing organizations that we work with. Proceed through the SIGNUP page and we'll connect you with one of our car dealer training and business specialists to help you get started through the process.