California Electronic Lien & Title (ELT) Details

California ELT makes it easy
to manage liens and titles


Integrated Dealer Solutions is an approved and certified provider for the California Department of Motor Vehicles California ELT and complies with California DMV mandates and California Statutes related to electronic lien and title.

Paper documents that record ownership to a vehicle can easily be lost or misplaced. Likewise, communications among lender, auto dealer, auto buyer, and the Department of Motor Vehicles don't always go smoothly as liens change hands from the time of loan application until borrowing is paid in full. For this reason, California ELT for California electronic lien and title adds value because it streamlines the process of recording liens and helps automate the process of storing and retrieving titles.

Summary of our electronic lien and title services available to finance companies and banks that provide vehicle loans in California :

Every finance company, bank, and credit union whose name appears as a lienholder on titles to California vehicles, vessels and mobile homes is required to use the California ELT - California electronic lien and title system.

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