Southern Electronic Lien & Title (ELT) for Georgia

Georgia Electronic Lien and Title Service

A brief overview of the Southern ELT (Electronic Lien and Title) Service for Georgia:

Georgia Electronic Liens and TitlesSince January 1, 2013 Georgia Statutes require all businesses whose name appears as the lienholder on vehicles, vessels and mobile homes in Georgia to use an Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) process to manage the liens electronically. This includes vehicle finance companies, banks, credit unions, and buy here pay here dealers. The name "electronic lien and title" comes from the idea that the information about the lien and the title is transmitted from the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division to us and stored electronically in our system (Southern ELT for Georgia) on your behalf and not on paper.

The Southern ELT electronic lien and title system for Georgia allows lienholders to do the following things:


As with other DMV certified programs from Integrated Dealer Solutions, the Southern ELT system for Georgia electronic lien and title is incredibly intuitive and simple to use with the most reasonable cost per transaction. Register here.


Lienholders will drastically reduce the costs associated with handling, storing and mailing paper titles by replacing them with electronic titles and using the Southern ELT system for Georgia. Lienholders will be relieved with the following changes the Georgia electronic lien and title system brings:


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The Georgia DOR MVD ELT Registration Form (MV-1 DOR Motor Vehicle Title Application) is available for download here: DOR Form MV-1