Online Inventory Feeds Details

Publish cars all over the web.
Get more leads. Sell more cars.
3 Simple & Proven Steps to Selling More Cars:

1. Publish your inventory with the Dealer Jump tool.
2. Get more leads.
3. Sell more cars.

The focus of the online dealer inventory publishing tool is to get you more leads so you sell more cars. Having more visitors come to your website results in more phone calls and more email requests for information, as well as more people making appointments and stopping by your physical dealership. Using the inventory feed distribution will allow you to focus on selling more cars by doing the dealer inventory advertising for you. We are 100% confident that the number of leads (callers, visitors, emailers) and actual visitors to your physical dealership will increase with the use of the Dealer Jump online inventory publishing tool.

0% Effort

We put in 100% effort so you have to put in 0%. Once your vehicles have been added to your website, simply click 1 button and all cars will be sent to all our publishing partners every single day. In the case of selling cars on craigslist, simply click 2 buttons and your postings will be visible to all craigslist car buyers.

100% Gain

As a busy dealer, you want the most exposure for your inventory for the least amount of effort you can put in. We're the solution. To get more people calling your dealership and submitting inquiries online, you can take advantage of our team that works diligently for you to provide the very best tools for your dealership to succeed with soaring sales levels.

We publish your cars to dozens of sites to spread the word about your dealership and inventory:

  • craigslist with an automated posting tool and nicely designed templates
  • eBay Motors with a simple tool and eye-catching auction designs
  • Reachoo - one of the only classified ads that accepts video feeds of your vehicles. We make the videos for you.
  • Yakaz
  • Trovit
  • iseecars
  • LemonFree
  • Buy Sell Auto Mart
  • Google Local
  • Facebook - we make a business page for you, automatically populate your wall with postings when you add vehicles to your inventory, and showcase your inventory within the popular Dealer Jump Facebook app

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